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RRM - The Leading Rice Exporters

We are the main IR 64 raw rice exporters in India, IR 64 Boiled rice exporters in India. Exporting various variations of rice to Dubai, Singapore, African Countries and more. With the best characteristics as Brown, Raw, Steam, Sella and Parboiled rice, we are transporting rich taste of India. Our rice says a lot as far as purity, fragrant character, and luscious taste.

We offer cleanly prepared and pressed rice keeping industry guidelines with high nutritional benefits. We are committed to delivering superior pedigree of basmati and non-basmati rice with perfect measurements of packing in the different materials as per the weight and demands.

Our Commitment

We are committed to being very aggressive in our attitude towards quality and customer service.

Our Products

Raw Rice

Steam Rice

Boiled Rice

Red Rice

tai rice in a wooden bowl

Grain Rice

Basmati Rice

Idly Rice


Ir-64 Par Boiled Rice

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Why Choose - RRM

RRM would like to turn into a quality provider to its clients. Then, at that point, as a part of our group of usually liked clients, you would get the accompanying advantages well beyond any agreement.

Best IR 64 raw rice exporters in india, Best IR 64 Boiled rice exporters in india.

Our Client's Feedback

Suniel Sharma

Since I am diabetic, I only have brown rice. I get those premium quality rice only from them, they serve the best.

Sheetal Desai

We have always ordered in bulk, they have never disappointed us for their quality and timely delivery.

Rajesh Shetty

I have my catering business, whether quantity or types of rice, we have never faced any complain against the quality of rice.

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